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As You Wish
Event Planning & Design
Being very Type-A, I had no intention of hiring a coordinator. But the more time and money we invested, we realized a coordinator would act like insurance for our day and make sure everything we planned was properly executed. It would be worth it so that my mother, MOH, and I could simply enjoy the day worry-free. We spent a lot of time reading reviews and interviewing, but my MOH and I knew within minutes of meeting Brennan that we had to hire her. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, passion, and dedication, far exceeded the other coordinators we met with who had been in the business for many years.The energy we saw in the first meeting held strong through additional meetings, the rehearsal night and the entire wedding day. They always arrived early, never nickel-and-dimed us for each thing they did, and they never made us feel like we had limited time with them. They worked with us to create a timeline that included every single detail, making sure it always reflected our vision. If they thought everything we were trying to fit in was crazy, we never knew it because they were determined to make our dream happen! They made sure all of our vendors worked together and on time, that we got in all of the activities planned (even when we had to rearrange timing due to weather), and made sure everything from the room flip to a traveling photo shoot, from a surprise appearance by Sluggerrr to a perfect sparkler send-off at the end, all were perfectly executed. They divided and conquered like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly communicating between three coordinators through headsets, making sure nothing was missed in the preparations and always communicating with me, providing expertise through every decision. I couldn’t believe how well they were able to take my car loads of boxes and assemble all of our decorations with little direction. These ladies were designers after all, and it showed! They were sure to keep the wedding party fed, hydrated and on time through the getting-ready process, and their emergency kit came in handy so many times. Brennan even knew exactly what to do when I had a fainting spell coming on right before walking down the aisle--she had me take a quick seat, chug a Sprite, and talked through my nerves. The As You Wish team had everything exactly where it needed to be when it needed to be there; they even serviced our wedding party throughout dinner! Brandon and I were always their priority, we never went hungry and always had our drink of choice in hand. They even did an alcohol run when our bar ran out of our signature drink. The list of everything they did for us on our big day is so long, I cannot imagine how long it would be if we included the things we never even KNEW they did! We had so many elements coming together on our wedding day. Guests are still telling us how it was one of the most detailed weddings they have ever been to, and there is no way our vision could have been executed so perfectly without the As You Wish team. I would hire them a million times over and I’m genuinely excited for all of the future brides (and grooms!) who will have the honor of working with this incredible team. -Sommer Lassiter, Bride.